Do you know why you may just be the next target, Do you when?  Typically a burglar in your area is a young male living in or around your neighborhood looking for fast cash.  He may even be someone working for you like, the yard maintenance guy or the guy who is even painting your home for you.  By virtue of my experience, it was the guy maintaining my yard.

He was considered to be that person anyone would want to hire.  He was helpful and kind so much that it became easy to let your guard down by tasking him to assist in even taking out your garbage from inside of your home.  He was everyone’s “yard boy”.

It was on that unfortunate day, this yard boy violated all trust. He entered my home from the outside of my TV room, where he unhinged the door and entered, sweeping away my 52 inch flat screen television set, the full range of stocks from my bar, the 22 inch flat screen in my guest bedroom, my jewellery box filled with gold pieces including my school ring that is very sentimental to me and a host of other electronic devices.  The accumulated value of losses was an estimated $80,000.00 worth.

How devastated we were. The one person we trusted for over 2 years, violated this trust.

One would now ask the question, why?, how? and what have we done as a result, to ensure there are no recurrences?

If I am to answer the whys, there will be many reasons including social and cultural values and norms.  But what I will highlight at this time is the fact that the perpetrator realised that there was absolutely NO security deterrent to avoid him from breaking and entering.

You can avoid being another statistic!  In my circumstance, there were no dogs, unstable burglar proofing,  no visible security systems in place and my home is located at the corner of an empty lot that leads to a river which provided a safe place for him to store all of the stolen items, so as to retrieve later on in the day.

So let’s really look at a few reasons why these burglars will target you, even if you believe that the “yard boy” may not; know that you never can tell the day when he may turn against you. The day when he may be desperately looking for that quick “buck” to make a purchase and that trust you thought you once had will soon be violated.

  1. You work during the day- More time to orchestrate the plan.
  2. You follow the same route – This will help them to stick with the plan.
  3. You live in a new community – New target. New area to scope. No evidence of security deterrent as yet.
  4. You do not have a dog – No distractions.
  5. You have lots of visible locks on your doors – This means you have something valuable inside. This raises suspicions.
  6. Your house is located at a corner, near bushes, near cut off routes. Places to run and hide or to store stolen items until ready to retrieve.
  7. Your home isn’t very well lit- Easy to hide.
  8. You do not have any visible alarm system and no evidence of community policing patrols.
  9. Your home is hidden behind your landscape- Unable to be seen.

You need to protect what is yours! Please therefore take notes on all of the above critical factors. Ensure that you have put measures in place to deter these criminal elements who are out to destroy our peace of mind. 

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