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Why Choose S.W.A.T.

  • Personalised Executive Chairman’s involvement.
  • We are fully au courant with and understand our environment.
  • We build business partnerships/relationships that exceeds expectations.
  • We are Vigilant, Fearless and Prompt in our response.
  • We foster stability in Management and Staff.
  • We are proactive rather than reactive.
  • We endeavor to provide a cost effective security solutions to meet our clients’ needs and budgetary requirements through a holistic approach that includes the integration of technology and manpower.
  • We are an accredited company.
  • Hands on Management, in-house training and dedicated supervisory support infrastructure.
  • Adhere to and pay attention to legislative requirements.
  • We offer a service which at all times is measurable through the implementation of mutually agreed service level agreement.

Our Business Philosophy

At S.W.A.T., we aspire to deliver a superior service to our clients.  As such our aim is to provide security solutions which you can rely on at any time.  Our dependable services are managed by a pool of experienced security experts, which is essential in the security industry.  They are trained to resolve any high-risk security situations to bring comfort to you and your stakeholders.  Our team will ensure that all security personnel are adequately equipped and professionally attired to perform their duty in the highest standards.  No Mission is Impossible at S.W.A.T. Estate Police Company Limited!

Below are some of the key benefits S.W.A.T.’s Security Officers will provide to your organisation:
  • A peace of mind and a sense of security to the directors, employees and customers.
  • A great deterrent to crime. Our professional personnel are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot.  They can also assess a situation and react to security breaches.
  • Customer Service Ambassadors in which there is a substantial amount of interaction with all stakeholders.
  • Respond sensibly and responsibly when faced with criminal activities on the business premise.
  • Active patrol of the business property based on the specific goals of the organisation.