S.W.A.T. provides a solid nucleus of security services which is strengthened by our team of specialists, who are trained to resolve high-risk security situations. Our suite of services includes:

  • Executive Protection and Bodyguard Services for business owners and VIPs.
  • Static Armed and Unarmed Security Officers.
  • Employee Background Checks – Searches done both locally and in the United States. Checks are done for employment and acquisition of life insurances with attention being given specifically to the applicant’s personal, criminal, community and medical background.
  • Vehicle GPS Tracking Services with Monitoring and Armed Response.
  • Armed Response and 24-hour Rapid Response Services.
  • Armed Mobile Patrols and Vehicle Escorts.
  • Special Events Security Services for weddings, parties, carnival fetes, concerts etc.
  • Investigative Services
  • CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems, Automatic Gates and Parking Barriers, Electronic Locks, 24-Hour Control Monitoring, Vehicle Alarms, Residential and Commercial Alarm Systems.
  • Distributor of Security Products and Security Control Equipment (Bullet proof vests, Security footwear, Flashlights, Handcuffs, Raincoats, Tactical Belts, Utility Belts, Batons, Sweaters, Hard Hats, Safety Eyewear, etc.).
  • Surveillance, detection devices and safety gear including Full Body Scanning Machines and other scanning devices.
  • Cash in Transit, Debt Collection and Bailiff Services.
  • Intercom/A. Systems

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